Actor Alan Cappelli Goetz was born in Antwerp, Belgium and raised in Italy, hailing from a Belgian mother and Italian father.
There is more than just a successful CV behind this eclectic personality. At the age of sixteen Alan found himself ticking off yet another country of inhabitance when he moved to Canada to study, and work on his fourth language, English. University found him studying Architecture and Psychology at La Sapienza University, but his real passion was realized when he began at the prestigious Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia - Scuola Nazionale di Cinema (The Italian National Movie School).
This led him to start his career in show-business working in ads, TV Shows and Movies. In 2012 he was cast in Crossing Lines, opening him up to the international market.
He plays the piano, drums and composes music. He is also the artistic director for the London-based photographer Kevin Pineda and content creator for The Room Gallery in Rome.

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